Frequently Asked Questions

The prayer room manager reviews, edits, and approves the prayer requests submitted by members and guests from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

A prayer request that comes in as an emergency can be marked as such by the Prayer Room Manager. The emergency request can then be immediately sent to the entire list of prayer intercessors at the click of a button.

That is determined by the system administrator. Standard requests stay from 1 - 4 weeks. Ongoing requests can stay until removed by the Prayer Room Managers.

The system will take care of keeping the list up to date based on the date the request was last updated.

The system will automatically mark the request as prayed for and will move that request to the back of the list. Emergency requests can be presented at the top of each intercessory list.

The Intercessors will log in to the system once the administrator has created an account for them. Intercessors can log in to the system from any computer that has a web browser and Internet access.

The system keeps track of prayer requests by the date they are updated. The system will allow a request to stay on the list from 1 to 4 weeks depending on how the Prayer Room Manager has set the list to retain requests. Ongoing requests are retained until removed.

They do not have to choose. The system will present the requests that need prayer, including placing emergency requests at the top of the list.

The system allows you to keep any prayer request on the list by simply marking it as an ongoing request.

Each system user can be assigned as much or as little authority as the system administrator allows.

Intercessors are presented the list in the order that prayer is needed. Intercessors will not have access to requests "on demand." They simply pray for the needs as they are presented to them.

Intercessors cannot change any information within the requests UNLESSS the Prayer Room Manager gives them the access.

Administrators can convert any request to a "Praise Report." Intercessors can access the praise reports at any time.

They simply need to login in. The system will present the requests in the order for which they were last prayed.

With an Online prayer room, intercessors do not have to drive to the church or wait for the prayer list to be emailed to access the prayer needs. Intercessors can access the prayer list anytime from any computer that has Internet access and a web browser.

Some intercessors may not want to login, although logging in is the recommended way to see and pray for the prayer list.

The system can be set to automatically email the prayer list at any time predetermined by the manager to anyone the Prayer Room Manager has added to the intercessor list.

The staff and the intercessors get the full prayer list including any contact information entered by the person making the prayer request.

Contact information is presented to the Intercessors (E-mail address or mailing address) for the requests that want a note from the prayer team. It is up to each intercessor to decide if they would like to send a note. The system does come with a feature that allows the intercessors the ability to record the fact that they have sent a note.

The list is determined by the administrator. How do they receive it? The list can be automatically or manually sent, depending on your preference.

The system can automatically send information to your users OR users can login and access information they are allowed to see.

Most churches that have an email system still have to manually compile their list. This system will automatically generate the list which will result in a tremendous savings of administrative time.

The information is entered by the person/s assigned by the administrator and can be input by any computer with a web browser, Internet access, and the appropriate credentials.

Prayer room managers are sent notification of a new prayer request immediately after it is submitted. The request will be available to intercessors once it is reviewed and approved by the manager.

We will. The system is extremely powerful yet it is very easy to learn and use.

We will train you via a webinar. We can come to you, but you will need to pay for travel expenses. However, Online training is as effective as training in person. The system is very powerful but it is also very user friendly.

Absolutely. The system has a built in feature for support. Help is only an email away and is included in your subscription price.