Hospitalized and Homebound

Homebound Visitation

iPrayerworks allows for the easy management and tracking of homebound visitation. Your pastors and staff can review daily the list of people in your church who are homebound. The system records when visits are made to each homebound member and will give selected staff, at a glance, the number of days it has been since the member was last visited.

Anyone that makes a homebound visit can easily enter the details of their visit. This entry will allow others to see the details of the visit.

The list of homebound members can be sorted by name or community (if they live in any type of assisted living or retirement community). This type of sort allows a pastor making a visit at one location to quickly see the names of other members who may be at the same location.

Hospital Visitation

One of the biggest challenges at any large church is efficiently managing the visitation of members who are going into or already in the hospital. The iPrayerworks system includes a powerful, yet easy to use interface for managing hospital lists. The hospital list can easily be updated automatically and sent to anyone responsible for making hospital visits.

Following each visit, those making the visit can quickly enter the details of their visit into the database. Those details can be reviewed by other clergy prior to their visit on a subsequent day. This simple yet powerful feature gives your staff the power of knowledge prior to their visit to the hospital.

The hospital list can also track birth and death notices as well as pending hospitalizations.

This powerful tool is included with the purchase of the iPrayerworks system. There is no additional charge for this feature.